SkullCandy Lowrider Headphones with Mic, 2011 Range Colour BLACK SkullCandy Lowrider Headphones with Integrated Mic 2011 Range What is the SkullCandy Lowrider? SkullCandy have focused in on the DJ market with their Lowrider headphones! Not only intended for use on the go the Lowriders feature a 90 degree swivel cup design for studio monitoring. Vast array of colour options on a comfortable on-ear headphone . This particular model features an integrated Mic for use with iPhone . What do the Lowrider headphones offer? Attractive Studio Monitor Design - The design of these headphones should appeal to the DJ within you. The various coloured designs are not quite as flamboyant as some other SkullCandy designs but whos complaining? The studio monitor design is perfect for use in your house when recording and playing around with your tunes. Foldable and portable - Fold your lowrider headphones up and take them off to your desired destination. Its not advised using these at work they do leak a little sound however if you are not bothered about a little sound leakage then bundle these up and take them with you. Made for iPod - The handy integrated mic is designed for those iPod or iPhone users out there. Giving you the ability to take and make calls at the touch of a button is perfect for your daily commute to work. If you would like to activate full controls with an alternative device to Apples i products check out the adapter kit ( here ) to see if your device is compatible. SkullCandy Lowrider Summary SkullCandy give the option of a 90 degree swivel cup with their lowrider headphones. These are an on-ear headphone that deliver a fair amount of bass impact but unfortunately they dont block out all external noise. Other than the minor detail of being open and more suited for ...

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